Project Ithaca

Project Ithaca 2019 Full Movie Download review

Project Ithaca 2019 Movie Review 

They’re among us. In fact, aliens have been abducting humans for decades, without us noticing much of anything. Except for one brave group of government agents who know that the truth is out there. But defeating the aliens is complicated and requires some pretty out-of-the-box thinking.project ithaca 2019

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I’m not talking about a core storyline from ‘The X Files,’ however, but the new indie sci-fi horror film ‘Project Ithaca.’ Told mostly as a locked room mystery, six strangers wake up in a weird, alien space, held tightly to their chairs by what appear to be tentacles. The more upset they get about their predicament, the more pulses of light shoot out of their seats and race up to the central core of the room.

Project Ithaca

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It’s aliens. And they’re feeding on our fear.

The strangers in the ship don’t know each other and the more they talk, the more they gradually realize that there are all sorts of weirdness surrounding their abductions and how long each of them has been in the ship. Except while most of them are just victims.

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there are two who are associated with the government project to defeat the aliens, Sera (Deragh Campbell) and John Brighton (James Gallanders). They might just have a plan and it might save the lives of everyone. Except the aliens keep upping the aggression to spark more fear and power their vessel, generally with catastrophic results.

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Project Ithaca 2019

The special effects are interesting and suitably creepy, with sufficient moments of blood-spattering gore to maintain the anxiety level for both the humans in peril and the viewer. The aliens also aren’t much for well-illuminated spaces (are any?) so much of the film takes place in a gloomy H.R. Giger-esque, Alien-inspired space. You’ll want to turn the lights down to enjoy this one, or see it in the theater for maximum impact.

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Part of any successful sci-fi thiller is its ability to build a sense of discovery,to create a place that
invites exploration for its audiance to poke around and want to learn more.Whay are we here?

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Who is behind it?What does it mean?Some of the best at this weave what we understand to be true about the story with a greater feeling of ambiguity,leadind it a certain timelessness.with director NICHOLAS HUMPHRIES’S latest independent film Project Ithaca.

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there are plenty of qurstions at play and a genuine hook,but even with some surprising production design and a cast that work hard to convince,it can’t harness the wonder a project like this demands,leavind this a mostly static experience.

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