Mi Earphones with mic

New Mi Earphones with mic review best earphone

New Mi Earphones with mic

Xiaomi’s new Mi Earphones Review

Hey, What’s up guys, welcome to this post. Today in this post I am going to review new Mi Earphones 2020. These earphones are recently launched in India with a price tag of Rs 699. Currently, these earphones available only on Mi official store. If you would like to purchase these earphones please click this buying link.Mi Earphones with mic 

Mi Earphones

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The Packaging of these Mi earphones is quite simple. Inside the box, we get three items. Including, one user manual. There you will get all the information about using the multifunctional remote. Apart from this, we get two different types of ear tips, means we get total 3 ear tips with these earphones.


Design, Build and Comfort

Let’s talk about the design first. As you can see, On the design front, these earphones look very stylish and premium. And honestly, after seeing these earphones no one can say that these are just 699 Rs earphones. Really, the design and build quality are quite good compared to other earphones in this price range. Thanks to MI for making such a good quality earphone. The earphones over here are in black colour but if you don’t like the black colour, then don’t worry there is also silver colour variant available for you.

Mi Earphones


Sound quality

When coming to sound quality, I am quite happy with these Mi earphones. I don’t know the size of the drivers and frequency response of these earphones. But the overall sound output is very loud and clear, thanks to the metal chamber. The tight-fitting and good design of ear module does help in reducing the noise and also improve its sound quality. The best part is that the headphones sound very clear even at maximum volume.

Physical Overview of Mi Earphones Basic

The Retail Box is quite Minimal, you get the Earphones along with a small pouch with some extra buts of different size to fit in your ears (Small, Large, Medium types).

The earphones have got a built-in mic so you can use it for calls as well. There is a single button, pressing it will Play/Pause the music, or Answer / Disconnect the Call. Long Press can activate Google Assistant on Android

You can actually ask questions to Google Assistant and get answers without taking your phone out of your pocket.

Another thing I liked about these earphones is the Earphone plug is L shaped, which makes it more durable since you can rest your smartphone on if the headphone jack is placed below (which is the case with more of the Android smartphones).

Difference between Mi Earphones and Mi Earphones Basic (Built Quality)

It’s mostly the physical difference than the difference in the sound quality, The Mi Earphones Basic looks a little rough on the built quality, I thought it’s because of the psychology that you are paying less money, you feel the quality is lesser. But there is a slight difference in the built quality.

The Mi Earphones looked more finished product in comparison to the Mi Earphones Basic, but I am sure after one month of usage, it will be tough to differentiate between the two. Though the Mi Earphones had a flat tangle free chord, the Basic variant has the regular chord.

Difference between Mi Earphones and Mi Earphones Basic (Sound Quality)

If you listen to songs from both the variants, you will feel the difference, but again, there isn’t much. Since I am using only the Basic Earphones these days, I’ve almost forgotten about how much difference there was between the two earphones.

But one thing that is certain is, it is far better sounding earphone that others in the similar price range, and I can say that because I’ve tried a few, owned by friends.

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