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How To improve alexa rank in Few days

How To improve alexa rank

Alexa rank is very important for bloggers and we always check our Alexa rank regularly. Actually Alexa rank is important because according to Alexa, It will rank any site according to site popularity and number of visitors and number of back-links also but all I can say is it doesn’t depend on traffic and backlinks only.How To improve alexa rank

You can check June 2018 report of this blog in which i got only 1800+ visitors and at that time Alexa rank of this blog was nearly equal to 2000k.

What is Alexa and what is the Alexa Rank?

Alexa (acquired by Amazon and the almighty Jeff Bezos) is a company that maintains traffic data regarding websites, and it’s mostly known for its website rank information, called the Alexa Rank.

The Global Alexa Rank indicates how popular your site is around the world and the Local Alexa Rank shows popularity in the country that the domain has been registered in.

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Do Alexa Rankings affect SEO or traffic?

There’s no direct correlation between SEO and Alexa Rank.

However, a lower Alexa Rank might imply high amounts of traffic which could be related to having SEO blog posts on the first page of Google.

Sites that have their Alexa Rank under 10k, are probably enjoying a good chunks of visitors from the SERPs (Search Engine Results Page).

Find out how to dramatically improve your SEO in my comprehensive blog post about SEO.

Also read my post about On-Page SEO factors and Off-Page SEO factors for the ultimate search advantage.

Getting backlinks from high authority sites will increase the domain authority of your site and help you rank higher for your search terms. This will help you get more traffic which in turn will improve your Alexa Rank.

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How many views do I need to be on the top 100,000 sites on the Alexa Rank?

Google Analytics and Alexa report different numbers.

For instance I have 2 sites on the top 100,000 which report traffic of 30,000 (ranked #99k) and 150,000 visitors per month (ranked #70k).

So here are some rough numbers for a month of traffic:

Top 100,000 = 1000 visitors per day.
Top 50,000 = 5000 visitors per day.
Top 20,000 = 10000 visitors per day.
Top 10,000 = 25000 visitors per day.
Top 5,000 = more than 50000 visitors per day.

People in the past quickly increased their Alexa Rank by using these methods:

1. Use Alexa toolbar:How To improve alexa rank

In my opinion using alexa toolbar is much more than claiming your site in alexa. You can decrease alexa rank of your site rapidly by using alexa toolbar. Basically alexa counts only the visits that is made by alexa toolbar installed browser. These type of visits are known as valid hits/visits to alexa. Therefore, if you haven’t installed it till now, go and own the tool right now.

2. Use Alexa widgets:

This is also an important part of alexa which will help you to reach your desired goal. Alexa gives priority to the sites that has alexa widgets installed. Besides you can show your site’s alexa rank and backlinks to your all visitors even if they don’t have alexa toolbar installed in their browser. Copy the alexa widget code in your site replacing “https://techmasi.com/” with your site’s name.
<a href=”http://www.alexa.com/siteinfo/https://techmasi.com/”><script type=”text/javascript” src=”http://xslt.alexa.com/site_stats/js/s/a?url=https://techmasi.com/”></script></a>

3. Get more alexa backlinks:

You need to build more alexa backlinks to rank higher (means to decrease rank) in the eye of alexa. You may think, what is alexa backlinks? How to get them? Solution is, Backlinks that can be crawled by alexa bot (also known as crawler or spider) are known as alexa backlinks. Easiest way to find out alexa backlinks is to see alexa statistics of other sites. There you can find the number of backlinks and five backlinks address. Simply follow the links and try to get your alexa backlink juice. I found this technique very effective to me.

4. Check everyday your Ranking

Do you know that the first step to get started is to check your alexa ranking? Yes, it’s very powerful. Go right ahead to the homepage of this analytics site and type in your domain name. Please don’t put (http://).

5.Why are you checking this?

The answer is simple. You want to add your URL to their index page. It works in similar way as Google. Before you can drive free traffic & improve your pagerank, you need to get indexed first. Once in 7 days, it’s vital that you check your ranking in order to re-alert alexa-search spider that you still exist.

6. Keep Your Blog Fresh

I made a great discovery about a week ago, whenever I publish fresh blog posts consistently for 7 days, my alexa ranking increased. When I post few times per week, I see little or no change on my ranking.

Here is what I deduce: Keep your blog fresh with quality contents. If you can’t keep up with daily posts, then make sure you post only detailed articles of about 800 words (min.). This would definitely supplement for any day you didn’t publish.

This strategy has really helped my coupon blog, where I share free 6pm.com discounts and sittercity coupon codes, my ranking is enhanced and made stronger every passing day.

7. Use Stats Websites How To improve alexa rank

Alexa.com is a statistics site that measures and tracks web pages. But there is a nexus between all statistics niche sites. If you can get your web page into one of their database, it would be distributed across several portals.

Sites like cubestat.com, statbrain.com etc can help you increase your Alexa ranking easily. They are also source of quality backlink syndication and come with no monetary investment. Do take advantage of it.

FAQs About How To Increase Alexa Ranking For Your Blog
Here are few of the question and answers you must know if you really want to know how to increase Alexa ranking for your website really fast.

8. How is Alexa rank calculated?

We’ve gone through a lot of articles along with Alexa official website to find out how is Alexa rank calculated and came to a conclusion that “your website’s Alexa rank is calculated based on the amount of traffic recorded from people that have the Alexa toolbar installed over a period of 3 months”.

Here’s how it looks like;

9. How to improve Alexa rank in 30 days?

If you’ve just launched a website, your Alexa rank will be in millions. You can in fact increase Alexa ranking to 1 lakh or even below within a month or two by installing Alexa toolbar on your browser (make sure to click it when you’re on your website multiple times a day, it really helps for new sites) and also start updating your blog regularly.

Make sure to also ask your friends and other blogging buddies to install Alexa toolbar and click on it when they are on your site. Give it a try, we’ve tried the same strategy on multiple new sites and it always worked like a charm.

Giving backlink to Alexa

Yeah, this is also a quick way to improve Alexa rank. When i was working on my old blog which is currently down. I used to find different ways to improve Alexa rank quickly. First of all, I found this technique on one blog whose name is now not remembered by me.

I thought let us try this technique also, So what i did is i wrote one article on Alexa rankings and after that i also saw improvement in Alexa rank of my blog. So, this technique also worked for me and I recommend you to use this technique to get your Alexa rank higher quickly.

This technique is recommend by many bloggers and this worked for me. So, Try this and from this article, I also gave backlink to Alexa. Can’t believe, Just check 2nd paragraph, 1st line or see below given image ? .

Comment on blogging niche blogs

There are blogs specially on blogging niche just like this blog. If you will comment on the blog which is on blogging niche as well as it is getting good number of visitors then you can improve Alexa rank on your blog at a good rate. This technique works for every niche it means that niche of your blog doesn’t matter.

For instance, Quicksprout is one of the blog which is on blogging and marketing niche and gets thousands of hits daily. One effective comment on that blog can improve your Alexa ranking. Let me show you how.

Blogging niche blogs gets bloggers as visitors, Most of them has Alexa toolbar installed in their browser and Alexa gives good priority to the visits done with Alexa toolbar. If you will comment on blogging niche blog then you will get visits from that blog and mostly bloggers will visit your blog.

Again, bloggers have Alexa toolbar installed in their browser so your Alexa rank will be also improved. Let me show you real example, Before some days, i commented on one of the post of Quicksprout, that comment was so effective and drove hundreds of visitors from that comment.

My Alexa was about 50k before commenting and after some days, it jumped to 48k. So, this technique is very much useful and effective. You can use this technique for any niche blogs.

How to rank for that keywords?

I am not going to waste your time in this section because there is easy and every blogger use this technique and I always recommend this technique in my articles.

One more time, It’s Interlinking. Interlinking is very effective technique to get ranked on that keywords. Give links from other articles with the exact keyword as anchor text and with time, you will get ranked on that keywords.

You will not find 1 keyword for 1 article, your single article will be ranking on the 3-4-5 pages for many keywords. My other site Kadvacorp.com ranks for 369 keywords on top 100 positions but has only 35-36 articles.

So, Interlinking will help you a lot in ranking for that keywords in top 10 positions. I have ranked many articles of kadvacorp.com just by interlinking.

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