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buy boya microphones online

The lavalier microphone is a kind of wireless microphone that is a condenser microphone. Applicable to meetings, recording, public communication, outdoor lectures, lectures and other occasions. Lapel-style microphone small size, light weight, plus the battery, the volume is only 20g. Is currently on the market similar products the smallest, the lightest weight products. The lapel microphone replaces the bulky little bees, is easy to use, clean and easy to boya microphones online

We are so glad we did! The BOYA omni-directional condenser microphone gives us decent quality sound with low handling noise while we learn how to do podcasting and video and audio editing, and it definitely didn’t break the bank.

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buy boya microphones online


WHERE WOULD YOU USE IT? buy boya microphones online

Almost anywhere. The mic is very light and the cable that plugs into your recording equipment is 6 meters long, which is plenty of space to move about if you need the mic to be plugged into a laptop or a camera/camcorder some distance boya microphones online

You could also use it as an interview mic, like we did in our podcasts, by placing it on the table between the speakers – it picks up sound equally from all directions. The sound quality is surprisingly good, but as it has narrow range and isn’t directionally adjustable, there will be some noise.


BOYA BY-M1 is an omni directional lavalier microphone, perfect for video use, designed for Smartphones, DSLR, Camcorders ,Audio recorders, PC etc. The lavalier microphone features an Omni pickup pattern, for full, 360-degree coverage. An integrated 6-meter (20”) cable with 3.5mm 4-pole gold plug, can connect directly to Smartphones, most of boya microphones online


This mic can be used with smartphones, DSLR cameras (both Nikon and Canon) camcorders, audio recorders, PC/laptops etc. BY-M1 is an omni-directional condenser microphone with 6m cable, standard 1/8 inch 4-pole gold plug and includes ¼ inch adapter so it can be plugged into most equipment with audio input option.


buy boya microphones online

Finally, the collar-style wear problems we should note that the lavalier microphone, wear, can not be too far from the mouth, so the microphone can not receive the sound, you can not send out the sound waves, the output volume will be reduced , You want to improve the volume of the microphone without affecting the quality of the audio, you can set the microphone volume and the source of the distance inversely proportional to the square, so that you can adjust the volume of the receiver to make the sound larger, without affecting the sound quality .

Product Description buy boya microphones online

BOYA BY-M1 is an omni directional lavalier microphone, perfect for video use, designed for smartphones, DSLR,camcorders ,audio recorders, PC etc.The lavalier microphone features an omni pickup pattern, for full,360-degree coverage. An integrated 6-meter (20”) cable with 3.5mm 4-pole gold plug, can connect directly to Smartphones, most of boya microphones online

Using the microphone for smartphone switch off the microphone,slide the on/off up to off/smartphone.The power is shut down.For DSLR,camcorders,audio recorders, PC etc switch on the microphone. Slide the on/off up to on.

Boya microphone review

Boya BY M1 lavalier microphone Video Transcript
Hi, I’m Sara Nguyen, and on this channel, I make tech and social media easier for awesome entrepreneurs like yourself. If you’re new here, consider subscribing for all of the latest product reviews, tips, and tutorials. And at any time during this video, check out the description for links to all of the resources mentioned in this boya microphones online

The Boya BY-M1 microphone is a lavalier microphone that you can use on your iPhone, Android, DSLR, and your computer as well, making it an extremely versatile little lavalier microphone.

Inside the box you get the Boya microphone, a lapel clip, a foam windshield, 1/4 inch adapter, battery, and a user manual. The cord is 6 metres long, which gives you plenty of distance to record with. It also plugs straight into the headphone jack of your smartphone as well. If you have an iPhone with a lightning connector, it attaches using the little dongle without any boya microphones online

When you’re recording YouTube videos or live streaming on Facebook or Instagram, you want to make sure that you have the best quality audio possible. And you know what I mean. Those videos that you’ve come across where you can’t hear anything properly, it’s just not worth your time.

So let’s have a look at how the Boya BY-M1 performs on the iPhone 8 Plus. So here’s what it sounds like using the inbuilt microphone of my iPhone 8 Plus. I’m about a metre away from the phone.

So here’s what it sounds like using the Boya BY-M1 plugged into my iPhone 8 Plus. Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers. She sells seashells by the seashore. I’ve also got the air conditioning running because it is about a million degrees outside. And now I’m going to be quiet so you can listen to the ambient noise from the microphone.

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